Members of LOMCB come from several communities and while many live in the Lake Oswego area or have ties to Lake Oswego as former students, that relationship is not a requirement.  Our members are physicians, teachers, housewives, computer technologists, scientists, engineers, retirees and on and on.  The only requirements are that they have a love of music, play their instruments at an acceptable level and are willing to share their musical skills with others by attending rehearsals regularly and performing in our concerts.  Our rehearsals are designed to be fun and enjoyable, and at the same time musically and technically demanding.

Since it is necessary that a proper balance between instruments is maintained, prospective members should contact the Personnel Manager.

Membership Guidelines

This is an adult band. Membership is open to those who have graduated from high school or have attained the age of high school graduation.

It is the intent of the Board of Directors and the Musical Director to build and maintain the proper instrumentation for a concert band of between 70 and 75 members.  This means we will need to maintain approximately the following instrumentation:

14Soprano Clarinets
3Bass Clarinets
2Alto Saxophones
1Tenor Saxophone
1Baritone Saxophone
8French Horns
1String Bass

If the relationship between instruments in the above instrumentation guideline is threatened due to an overabundance of any of the instruments, then auditions will be held by the Musical Director or his designee to select the most musically proficient players wishing to join the band.